Josh Block / Leon Bridges

“The KU4 is honest, exactly where it needs to be while retaining a euphoric quality that’s hard to replicate with anything else.”

Jacob LaCally / The California Honeydrops

“The 44 is easily my favorite mic for capturing a true representation of any instrument. I find that it has the ability to grab every detail of an entire drum kit without the need for any close mics.”

Jonathan Clay / Jamestown Revival

“We credit much of our sound in the studio to AEA microphones. They have shaped our sound from the very beginning, and without them our record wouldn’t have had quite the same character and earnestness. “

Vance Powell / Jack White, The White Stripes, Chris Stapleton

“I’ve been using the R88 lately as a room mic out in front of the drums. I really like that a lot, it sounds really cool…”

Jake Aron / Grizzly Bear, Jamie Lidell, Solange

“The RPQ500 has left me reaching for a ribbon over a dynamic mic every time I record guitars.”

Alex Chaloff / The AEA Sessions

“The RPQ2 takes my AEA microphones to the next level. There’s gain for days and it’s insanely quiet.”